Sports Strategies

University Soccer Interaction

Universities and teams from the USA

God has opened great doors in different countries in Latin America to have high level (D1) soccer matches, your university or soccer team is looking opportunities to serve the Lord through soccer? Great, it creates a great opportunity to share the gospel plus share your passion for soccer and at the same time to share how God used the sport to change your life.

Different D1 games can be arrange, also if you prefer not to go all the way to D1 but D2 or smaller team’s games, also can be arrange, while having the experience of the games while resting for the next game your teams could get involve in mission’s work by helping with sport activities in Churches, orphanage and schools.

Transforming life

It is so joyful to hear testimonies of people that have being save through sports, in Latin America as in many other places, soccer could be a way out of the economic and social reality in which they player may come from, many times the entire family depends in the success of the one playing, they may get it maybe not, but the emotional stress that a lot of player have to put up with is too much and they are looking for someone to help them!

God is the only one that can help them for eternity! The encouragement and sense of purpose they we find in God is what they need to keep moving forward in their desire to became professional’s soccer player.

Lifting up the level

You know that your team is doing well but you want to give them that push to increase their level, you know it won’t happen unless they play and practice with teams that are in a higher level then them! Th opportunity to practice and play vs well known team will give you that extra kick you are looking for!