Police Ministry

Tactical training

Correct use of police instruments

After training polices in combat, I was asked many times, the possibility to help the personal to get extra training in the correct use of different police instrument (guns and more) a lot of accidents are consequence of lack of proper training.

People control

Often police are blame of “abuse of force” it is hard enough to be a police officer and even harder when you don’t get the proper capacitation on HOW to deal with different situation and circumstances. How to escort a person could be very simple or the end of your career.

Emotional and spiritual encouragement


Using the Bible and personal testimony, letting them know how God is with you no matter what, could help them in a way that we couldn’t imagine, often these police officers are in such a stress and under pressure and not having any one to share it with, that end up in bad decision, family problems and a poor fulfillment of duties.

By encouraging emotionally and spiritually you may be saving a person, a family and people who will depend on this officer.

Brothers in blue


Stay in touch with local polices to keep encouraging. (depending on the country)

After you have decided to come and help these police officer you could (if you want) stay in touch to continue to support emotionally and spiritually this new brother or sister in Christ.