Pastor Care Conference

If the people in the church have a problem, who do they call to? The Pastor. But if the Pastor has a problem, who does he calls to?


Being the pastor of a church is a very lonely position, many times, the just don’t have any one they can talk to, one day, as I was leading a group of pastors in El Salvador I asked, how many of you have ever been discouraged in church? All of them raised their hands! A discourage Pastor is a discourage church but an encouraged Pastor is equal to an unstoppable church.


This is the reason we like to have Pastors Care Conference, we do it in all over Latin America and for a long time we have been asked to bring it to Italy – Switzerland – Spain and more.


We like to invite Pastor with experience and a sensible heart that would be willing to invest in Pastors! It is a very important task to encourage Pastors and church leaders, my desire is to be able to go to all of these places to have this Pastors Care Conference, if you are a Pastor and feel God is calling you to encourage other Pastors let me know, God has opened many doors for you!


Finances is one of the obstacles to go to these places, I pray for God to provide the funds to go there!