Our Staff

Daniel & Maureen Rojas



After seeing the apathy of many people  toward our society, our desire was to be able to motivate and train people in churches and communities so that they would be a benefit to their own churches and community. With our experience in the field we started to develop different programs targeting different social and professional groups. Our desire is to impart and influence through training and international exchanges the spiritual, moral, ethical and social values of each participant and to challenged them to become a community leader and influence the lives of those around them.


After years of work, we are excited about the impact we have seen with different groups like elementary and high schools students, school teachers, firefighters, police, medical professionals and various sports groups. Our programs are intentional and strategic focusing on the under privileged as well as the successful.


Once we saw the result and saw the need and desire that people have for growing (thriving) with my wife we took the task of structuring the vision that God has given us.


It is our goal for people to thrive spiritually, emotionally, academically, professionally and more.


But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Bonilla Family: Javier & Jenny

Costa Rica Collaborator


My name is Javier Bonilla Jiménez, I am the oldest of four brothers, of a Christian family.


I received the Lord when I was very young, at the age of 13, in an evangelistic campaign, even though I had lived in a Christian home. God spoke to me strongly in that campaign. I understood that I should give my life to him and be part of him. I realized that just being part of a Christian family or attending to a church was not enough. I understood that God had to live in my heart, and I had to leave everything that could separate me from his purpose, and that was my decision, I remember that I was touch by that moment.


At my young age, it was a difficult step because, at that time, I was already enrolling with a famous soccer team from Costa Rica, among other things, that kept me away from the work of God.


After I gave my life to Jesus, I have been involved in missionary work. During the years, I have provided support to the missionaries who worked in Costa Rica in several ministries in the rural areas, but specifically in the refugee camps, a product of the war in the neighboring country Nicaragua. I have helped as a church planter throughout the music and other activities.


In 1996 God gave me what is today my wife, with whom we form the Bonilla Brenes family with three beautiful children, we have 22 years of happy marriage, working together in the work of God.


In 2011, God called us to work in the Villas de Ayarco Baptist Church in which we developed leadership in the last seven years. We have worked in various ministries such as music, diaconate, administrative leadership, and forming missionary work teams’ church in rural areas of the country.


More than a year ago God has been motivating us to full-time missionary work, for which we pray that each step we take will be according to his will.


We have currently started our work with Thrive Vision for the missions.

Lauren Lichty



My name is Lauren Lichty, I am the second born of 2 siblings, both brothers. I come from a Christian family with a history of pastoral, church, and global ministry.


Though I grew up around the Christian faith and knew all the right things to say, do, and believe to be a Christian, I would not say I was one during most of my early years. I began attending a Christian school when I was 12 years old and it was there that I truly received Christ into my heart. From that day forward not much in my life has been the same. Although Christ was in my heart, there were many things in my life that I still needed to surrender to him, and little by little I was faced with situations that tested where my hope truly was.


One of the biggest idols in my life at the time was soccer. It was what my life was defined by; it was where I found my worth. My freshmen year of high school, when I was 14, I went through a major injury that completely changed my life. Over the course of 4 months, I broke, rehabilitated, then re-broke my right hip while playing soccer. The full recovery included 8 months out of soccer and a surgery after the second break. During this time, I realized that I had been putting my hope, value, and identity in soccer, something that one day could and would tell me that I had no worth or identity. Over the course of my injury I came to realize that the only truly secure place for us to find our identity is in Christ because our value to him and his love for us is the only thing in our lives that will never change. As I came to realize this, I discovered that when I approach soccer with this mentality it becomes something so much greater and more powerful because I can play in complete freedom and use the gifts I have been given as a platform for the glory of God and the gospel.


Over the course of my soccer career, God has revealed to me the intense and powerful way he can use something like the “beautiful game” to advance the gospel. For so many people, soccer is their hope and their identity. They play with passion, intensity, and vigor but are in bondage to a god that will never satisfy them. When people see Christians play, train, and dedicate themselves in the same manner that they do, yet are not controlled by the outcome or do not find their worth in their ability, it opens an incredible door for the power of the gospel to be seen so clearly. When I was 20 years old, I realized that God was calling me to THIS type of mission field, the mission field of professional athletics and now specifically to the country of Costa Rica. God has opened a door for me to come and play this game that I love in his name and to be a vessel for his glory in the professional setting of La Liga Promerica Femenino and I cannot wait to see how he uses this sport and this opportunity to make his name great.

Kimber Morgan

Development Coordinator


Adopted from South Korea as a baby and a follower of Christ, Kimber is joyfully married to Zack Morgan for over five years and expecting their first child in May 2021. With some years of development experience behind her, she is excited for the opportunity to support Thrive Vision in its fundraising needs for the children’s home Estrellitas de Mar.


Kimber and Zack have enjoyed multiple past mission experiences in Costa Rica and keeping in touch with Daniel Rojas. Kimber is a wedding and family photographer, while Zack is a DIII Head Men’s Soccer Coach. Together they reside in Pennsylvania, USA.