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Bonilla Family: Javier & Jenny

Costa Rica Coordinator


My name is Javier Bonilla Jiménez, I am the oldest of four brothers, of a Christian family.


I received the Lord when I was very young, at the age of 13, in an evangelistic campaign, even though I had lived in a Christian home. God spoke to me strongly in that campaign. I understood that I should give my life to him and be part of him. I realized that just being part of a Christian family or attending to a church was not enough. I understood that God had to live in my heart, and I had to leave everything that could separate me from his purpose, and that was my decision, I remember that I was touch by that moment.


At my young age, it was a difficult step because, at that time, I was already enrolling with a famous soccer team from Costa Rica, among other things, that kept me away from the work of God.


After I gave my life to Jesus, I have been involved in missionary work. During the years, I have provided support to the missionaries who worked in Costa Rica in several ministries in the rural areas, but specifically in the refugee camps, a product of the war in the neighboring country Nicaragua. I have helped as a church planter throughout the music and other activities.


In 1996 God gave me what is today my wife, with whom we form the Bonilla Brenes family with three beautiful children, we have 22 years of happy marriage, working together in the work of God.


In 2011, God called us to work in the Villas de Ayarco Baptist Church in which we developed leadership in the last seven years. We have worked in various ministries such as music, diaconate, administrative leadership, and forming missionary work teams’ church in rural areas of the country.


More than a year ago God has been motivating us to full-time missionary work, for which we pray that each step we take will be according to his will.


We have currently started our work with Thrive Vision for the missions.