Medical Ministry

Medical campaign

God is opened so many doors to bring the gospel and help people in different communities, every time I go to many of these places, is sad to see the little of medical attention they have, a lot of time because of the location of this communities, it is our prayer that God would raise more medical teams to go to these areas and help the people with the Gospel plus medical attentions.

If you know that in your church you have a good group of people with medical knowledge we would love to have you with us in a Medical mission’s trip! God can use you to transform communities!

Medical care training

With your medical training you could be a great blessing to churches, school’s teachers, orphanage’s personal and more! Always when you work with people, special children, accidents will happen. It is very important for those who works directly with them to be well prepare in case of something happen. Helping those who help is a great way to reach out to the community.

Conference of professionals in medicine

One great open door that the Lord has opened, is to be able to share with professionals in different areas of the medicine. This conference have created the opportunity to bring Doctors from the USA to share with local doctor, by providing one or 2 days medical seminars. This seminaries have the intention to help the local doctor to learn more in their field but more important to be expose to the gospel by listening and sharing international doctor’s testimonies.