Firefighters Ministry

Tactical training

Correct use of equipment. After visiting a firefighter station in Argentina a few years ago, the chief officer asks me if we know people with the proper use of equipment’s knowledge that could come to help them and train them. After finding a person we went, and it was an awesome time of sharing and learning together. The result was other firefighter stations contacting me to bring the same activity to their towns. Now the door is open to go to many different countries and continue to train, encourage and share the gospel to firefighters.

Emotional and spiritual encouragement

Using the Bible and personal testimony, letting them know how God is with you no matter what could help them in a way that we couldn’t imagine, often these firefighters are in such a stress and under pressure and not having any one to share it with, it ends up in bad decision, family problems and a poor fulfillment of duties. By encouraging emotionally and spiritually you may be saving a person, a family and people who will depend on this officer.

Firefighters forever

Stay in touch with local firefighter to keep encouraging. (depending on the country). After you have decided to come and help these firefighters you could (if you want) stay in touch to continue to support emotionally and spiritually this new brother or sister in Christ.