Church Training

Effective evangelism

We know that the gospel never changes but the way we present the gospel over the years has change, the different generations demand a different way to approach them, the new technological advances and social realities provide very different problematics, we like to create strategical opportunities in the different social groups of the communities in order to present the gospel in an intentional way.

Effective programs

Churches regularly will conduct programs for different activities, the problem is when we don’t understand what a program is and what the program is for. Often, we see churches and church leaders running and working hard to have VBS or Camps or retreats or even a one-day church activity, one day as I was training a group of leaders from a church, one of them asked me, how can we run our youth camp better? I ask them why are you having youth camp? The answer was because we always do. Sometime, programs in a church could become a tradition and often we do it because we always did it. We love to train leaders about church programs, so they can understand how to use them better and if there is not a very clear and specific purpose for that one program, so it is just a tradition to do it. We help them to see the goal and create the program for that goal.

Biblical Worship

One-day training session

A lot of time churches use different worship songs that sounds good but maybe are nor very biblical or just trying to make people feel good about them self! The point is not to talk about Christian music in general but what we sing in church. Did you know that many times a song can teach more about something to the people then a sermon? When you sing over and over a song but only heard about that sermon once in a while, where do you think people will take their biblical knowledge from? A lot of time people end up quoting more songs then biblical verses. This training wants to bring every music directors or worship team member to evaluate the song they sing in their church.

Teaching how to play a music instrument

A lot of small churches don’t have anyone in their church that can play an instrument, we teach them to play some instruments and if possible, we try to get the instruments for them. It helps them to be more involve in the church but also makes the church more attractive!

It could include:

Missions teams from USA
Professionals reach out
Underprivileged areas reach out
After school classes support
Sport programs
And more