Church to Church

Planting church partnering

You see that your church is doing well and is ready to jump in getting involve in the missions flied, maybe you could consider for your church to get involve in planting a church, we work in many different areas were there’s not churches, you can get involve by bringing teams to start working with the people of the community, also could help to buy a piece of property, or maybe to built the building or part of it! Our desire is to put a new church in every community that has not church. And through that the new local church will start to influence the community.

Long relationship between churches

You have different options in the term of helping a church in others countries, you could decide to help different churches in every missions trip or adopt a growing church and develop a long term relationship where you could become an important actor in their planning in growing and expanding their ministry.<br /> Conference, programs, evangelistic activities and strategic to grow are some of the ministries you could get involved. Many of the churches we work with are churches in a big need of help and your input would be a great blessing!

Exchange experience

Many churches are in need of help, it could go from theological training to work with the people in the church (children – youth – adults – mans – women) by helping with their activities or helping them to create activities you could get involve in an exchange programs experience, it could be with a church where your home church came in a missions trip or having a long term relationship or you could just ask us and we will find the right church for you to serve.